The Best Frozen Food & Party Snack Provider in UK

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The Best Frozen Food & Party Snack Provider in UK

UK’s Oldest Indian Restaurant

Mrs. Bhavna Patel opened the Oriental Foods in the early nineties. Oriental foods was not the first Indian restaurant in UK, but is today UK’s oldest. No other Indian restaurants have been run for so long, on the same premises and by the same family. We are of course very proud of this – at the same time we are humble about the expectations this entails from our guests.

Oriental is now well established in the Frozen Indian Food industry with a growing client base and are one of the leading frozen food specialists in the UK particularly London.

Culture – not Profit

We have often been asked what sets us apart from the other Indian Chaat Shops. The answer to this is very simple – we have never looked at ourselves as the owners of a restaurant with a profit in focus. We are cultural ambassadors. Through the food we serve, we also pass on a piece of Indian culture, where a guest is never seen as a customer, but rather as part of our own family.

Unique Spice Blends

The food served should be uncompromising. This applies at all stages and not least when choosing raw materials. This is one of the reasons why we at Oriental foods grind our own spice mixes. Thus, our dishes get a unique taste that you will not get at other Indian Chaat bars. The recipes for these spices are, of course, well-kept secrets.

Our chefs work around the clock to ensure that the customers enjoy the traditional homemade taste in a healthy manner. The company prepare snacks using locally sourced ingredients and always tries to preserve the nutritional value of food products in a natural way without adding any preservatives.