Discover The Indian Snack In All Its Splendor

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Discover The Indian Snack In All Its Splendor

Oriental Foods Limited is well established in the Frozen Food industry with a growing client base and is one of the leading frozen and fresh food specialists in UK.

The Indian snacks at Oriental Foods are purely mesmerizing: the samosa dishes are authentic and transport you into the Indian Mughal era. However, what is truly unique to this snack bar is the famed Indian hospitality. A magical moment! Moreover, you will be dazzled by the presentation of the dishes. Our snack items are not expensive. All things considered, the value for money is excellent. Here, the welcome is warm and the service is fast, courteous, without any problem.  Oriental Foods is not stingy about the contents of the plates: each recipe is presented in abundant quantities. In other words, the dishes are hearty and tasty.

Oriental Foods specialises in Vegetarian snacks and have introduced many novelties like Mix Bhajias, Paneer Samosas, Pizza Samosas etc.

Our chefs at Oriental Foods work around the clock to ensure that the customers enjoy the traditional homemade taste in a healthy manner. The company prepare snacks using locally sourced ingredients and always tries to preserve the nutritional value of food products in a natural way without adding any preservatives.

Buy irresistible Indian snacks at Oriental foods limited.

Many of the leading Indian caterers and restaurants use our snacks and we serve scrumptious Indian snacks to 4 and 5 star hotels across UK. Our Indian snacks are available for caterers, restaurants, cafes, hotels, canteens, offices, event managers, wholesalers and bulk buyers!

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