Enjoy The Unique Culinary and Individual Taste Of Indian Snack

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Enjoy The Unique Culinary and Individual Taste Of Indian Snack

Our aim is to offer you an unforgettable snacking experience in a stylish ambience with an oriental attitude to life. We offer fresh specialties every day.

At Oriental Foods we prepare delicious, all- natural products to satisfy the most dedicated culinary aficionados of Indian cuisine.

Why Oriental Foods?

  • They have been making Indian Snacks and food for over 25 years
  • Leading Supplier of Samosas, Kachoris, Bhajias in London
  • Clientele of caterers, hotels, party halls, cafes, restaurants
  • Variety of Frozen vegetarian food
  • Tasters available for customers to choose and decide
  • Dishes catering the latest trends, while retaining the authentic flavors

Let yourself be carried away into another world in a modern way and with the highest taste only at Oriental Foods UK.

Small Prices, Simple Service and Excellent Specialties

The Oriental Foods has a carefully selected menu with high-quality veg snack, prepared in the show kitchen. When choosing our products, we pay attention to regionality and work closely with local Online Samosa Suppliers. Freshness is our top priority.

The seasonally changing menu bears the signature of our Executive Chef. The kitchen style is creative, slightly playful and yet kept very simple. The focus is on the product, if possible of regional origin. Our “Menu” represents the concept excellently – our chef uses the best ingredients. Behind the products are exciting personalities such as local farmers and food producers who manufacture high-quality products with their attention to detail. 


Whether a Business meet, garden party, or private event, don’t forget to unwind with our Indian chaat!!! For large parties & events, http://www.oriental-foods.co.uk/products  provide special menu like Samosa bites, Kachori bites, Cocktail patties, Sweet Samosas etc.

To know more, call us @: 020-8900-1378