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Oriental Foods – The Best Online Samosa Delivery in UK

Welcome to Oriental Foods! With us you will find traditional Indian desserts and snacks from our own production and at fair prices! After many months of pondering, discussing and experimenting, our founder and his Indian chef have come up with a way to quickly prepare the snack dishes – but without compromising on quality.“

Fast is, however, relative. If you think that the dishes can now be cooked in five minutes, you are miles away. The special curries that make our dishes so unique are prepared at our headquarters in UK. There, the ingredients are ground and boiled for more than three hours to develop the unique flavor.

Of course, our vegetables are prepared fresh and directly before your eyes and prepared with our special spice mix. In fact, we have succeeded in combining the fine art of Indian culinary culture with the idea of fast, fresh and modern cuisine. Everything we process in our dishes comes straight from India. The spices and ingredients are classics of Indian cuisine and are not mixed with chutney with the influences of other Asian cooking cultures.

Our Online Samosa Delivery team delivers Indian snack for Birthday, Kitty and Marriage parties.


Are you celebrating a festive occasion and would like to indulge your guests with Indian Snack specialties at home? We are happy to advise you and ensure the culinary highlight of your party.

You choose the snack you want from our menu. Our samosa delivery team then delivers the food ready to serve, on chafing-dish containers, directly and conveniently to your home.

Visit us and let us create a custom memorable menu for your event. We offer taster session. Monday to Friday between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm. **Advance notice is required