Perfect Combo – Hot Kachori with Tangy Chutneys

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Perfect Combo – Hot Kachori with Tangy Chutneys

We Indians always have an affair with chaat item’s aren’t we? Kachori, ranks second position in the Indian snack list next to Samosa. It is an irresistible Indian snack – perfect to satiate your hunger pangs! Created by Marwaris, this snack was once popular only in the Northern states – in Rajasthan and Delhi, but due to its exotic unique flavor, it has now gained popularity worldwide.

What goes inside the Kachori?
The snack is hollow from inside and flaky outside and is usually topped with lots of chutneys & curds. The choice of the ingredients used changes, making the snack sweet, hot and sometimes tart. The stuffing is prepared with several ingredients, usually with so called ‘thanda masala’, which constitutes coriander masala, fennel seeds and turmeric. On the other hand, the outer covering of the snack, crispy and flaky is achieved by mixing maida with lots of shortening.

How are Kachori’s served?
The Kachori’s are usually served with tangy chutneys prepared from mint, coriander and tamarind. But some chaat lovers also love to taste the kachori with some tomato ketchup.
With the advent of several high-end shops and samosa restaurants serving chaats – Kachori’s and Samosa’s, the original flavors of the snacks are lost in the crowd. But being a pioneered wholesale samosa suppliers in UK, we are backed with professional chefs with years of experience in the Indian culinary to retain the originality of the Indian snacks

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