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Relish Indian Flavors at London

Relish Indian Flavors at London

Samosas are crispy Indian snacks, that one can’t get over. Though every year, new snack options peak into the Indian culinary, samosas continue to remain the all-time popular Indian snack. These pastry packets are available in both sweet and spicy flavors. Considering the fillings and its variety, it has recently emerged in the list of top ranking foods in the country.

Well this delicious flaky, crispy, golden brown snack, is quite common in the Asian countries, especially in India where one’s eyes can definitely catch hold of small tuck shops selling these crispies with spicy chutneys and sauces for few paisas. Being a foodie I am a samosa connoisseur, so no matter what I order in an Indian restaurant, I always make sure to end my meal with this delicious appetizer. Because to be very honest I love the thin crispy crust of the samosas, yummmmmmmm!!!

How I  Prepare them:

When prepared well, these snacks are not too dry or oily. By following the instructions of a popular food channel, I sometimes deep fry the dough in oil or bake them in the oven. However the baked version will never achieve the richness and puffiness as the seep-fried ones.

Serving option:

Usually the vegetable samosas and punjabi samosas are served with traditional chutneys – Red and Green. The green chutney always very spicy is prepared using green chillies and mint leaves, whereas the blend of jaggery with red chillies, gives the red chutney a hint of spiciness with a sweet tang.

Though I love cooking, sometimes I get bored and lazy to prepare them at home, so I order them from wholesale samosa suppliers in UK. If you don’t actually love these pastries, then you would probably love them after trying out them from some popular samosa suppliers in the city!

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