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Snacks That Will Make you Run for More!….

India is a country that is best known for its rich culture, heritage, tradition, lifestyle but wait hold on..! The land is also famous for treating people’s tastebuds with wide varieties of scrumptious chaat food! Originated in Northern region of the country, these traditional savory snacks is now popular throughout the whole world, especially at the Indian restaurants. The Indian chaats composed of complex flavors – derived from the use of transitional spices and herbs are simply irresistible.

The Two Most Favored Indian Snacks

Samosa –

Samosa is an extremely popular Indian snack with incredible flavors. – they are usually served hot with several chutneys – mint coriander, sweet tamarind and red chili garlic chutney are among the most common ones.

Kachori –

Kachori is a puffed pastry that is most loved by Indians around the globe. A mixture of Moong dal, garam masala and herbs are stuffed inside the dough, before deep frying them. This snack can be taken as a light brunch or as a heavy, complete evening meal together with a cup of tea or coffee.

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