Pair your Summer Chai with Hot And Spicy Samosas

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Pair your Summer Chai with Hot And Spicy Samosas

As Indian cuisine grows in popularity across the countries, people everywhere and from every corner of the world have finally recognized that hot, crispy and spicy samosas make the perfect party appetizer or perfect snack.

Backed with years of culinary experience, our concern has become the most favored wholesale samosa supplier with businesses, restaurant, grocery, catering and hotels. They love our hot samosas packed with different varieties of chutneys and sauces along with other snacks.

Different Types of Samosas:

Classic Samosa – One of the favorite’s with our customers, the classic samosa is a combination of minced onion, chilies, vegetables and fresh coriander.

Jain Samosa – A Crispy, Crunchy variant consisting of fresh veggies and seasoned herbs.

Pizza Samosa – Stuffed with cheese and vegetable filling, is a delicious snack.

Paneer Samosa – A unique blend of herbs, spices and cubes of juicy paneer.

In addition to the specialties listed above, we have cutlets, kebabs, bhajia and much more! Choose your favorite variety and we will get it delivered!

Authentic texture and high-standards of our pastry, is the result of implementation of innovative techniques and years of research and development for preparing classic Indian style samosas. Since our samosas undergo rigorous testing prior to delivery, our samosa catering company stays quite confident in delivering good grade snacks to clients in and around UK.

Are you looking for wholesale samosas suppliers that prepares authentic Indian snacks in UK? With OrientalFoods you can receive your specialties at your doorstep in no time. At lunch or dinner, at home, in the office or wherever you want!

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